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Das Whimsy!


Emma Wiklund , Thierry Mugler Fall/Winter 1991

Of course mine will be fake fur. :)

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I HATE music videos.

When I listen to music, my mind creates it’s own “music video” to go along the lyrics. When I see the official videos I feel like my own interpretation of the song is wrong and I’m told, "Look, this is what you should imagine when you listen this"

I just can’t stand it. I like having my own take on the songs.
I do not want to be told what’s their “actual meaning”.

I though I was the only one who who felt this way. *o*


Cabot’s tragopan.

Archibald Thorburn, from A monograph of the pheasants vol. 1, by William Beebe, London, 1918.

A zip file containing the six illustrations of the latest series can be downloaded at this link.


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Be happy NOW!

Does Color Really Matter?

Photoshopped Image created by kenyadoll

When I see Lupita, I see a pretty woman based on her facial symmetry, her luminescent skin (skin texture, not skin tone), uniquely shaped lips, doll-like features and radiant smile. 

Lupita would be beautiful to me if she were any other skin tone. However, she is perfect just the way she is because that is how God created her. 

Lupita is not the first woman with a dark complexion that is aesthetically pleasing. What angers me is how the media and even other Black people are making it out to be that she is some kind of unicorn of dark-skinned beauty. 

Then again, what do we expect in a culture where people with melanin were made to feel equivalent to livestock for centuries?


On October 9th I’m having a show opening!!

Come As You Are, the sex and book co-op in Toronto, has been so gracious as to host my work! The show, called Candied Ink: Comics and Tattoo Icons, is a combination of ten of my comics from GQutie and a new, five piece series reimagining iconic tattoo characters as colorful pinups!

The show will be up for all of the month of October, so you can still stop by even if you can’t make it on the 9th, but if you can make it, I would love to meet with you!

(^-^) So cute!

Fefe Dobson - Ghost (2010)

She is NOT real rock…but I’m just happy to see her rocking. :)

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